#164 Hyper splurge

I want to start this week with a track from an artist who I've been a massive fan go since before he set foot on our shores here in the UK: Flume. After taking on the world piece by piece, he's back again and returning with a great new artist from Australia under the name... Continue Reading →


#119 (ca) Ameriland (eng)

After two weeks in the Deep South USA I'm still reveling in the joys of spending two weeks with some awesome garage rock and country. Lots of country. Chris Janson's "Buy Me A Boat" was played about 20000000000 times so I know all the lyrics and  I decided to visit Nashville the same weekend as... Continue Reading →

#114 The Musical Oracle

I've been working away producing this showcase for the Montreal Jazz Festival and this stage for T In the Park and just in a couple of weeks the world's seemingly exploded with damn great music! It just shows what happens if you let your game slip for more than a day. The world of music... Continue Reading →

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