#184 Happy Holidays! 🎄

As we start to kick back and enjoy the season that is Christmas / New Year it's a good chance to reflect on the brilliant year, and the perfect opportunity to miss out on some ninja noisy music releases that might have slipped through your fingers! Like this beast from While She Sleeps! "Haunt" is... Continue Reading →


#170 When the worlds crumbles around you…

...music will always be there. When you're sad, mad, on the brink of breaking. You know your medicine, your 'go-to' music to make you feel better, let it all out or just tone it all down a notch so you can see the horizon. And of course the good. But that's a story for another... Continue Reading →

#103 I have a song with my name in!

After the years of hearing the likes of 'Emily', 'Shelly' and whoever else on lyrics, Hong Kong's OneDayMore have released one mentioning Elise! YAY! And to top it off it's a bloody good punk / alt. rock! The absolute find of the moment is Von Sell. From Brooklyn but studied in Hamburg, David Von Sell has... Continue Reading →

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