#168 In the summertime…(up here in the North)

When your favourite band of the moment send you a personally crafted letter inviting you to sample their new EP and get your hands on goodies ahead of everyone you definitely get a shiver of A-list vibes. Tigercub did just that to their fans (signed up to their mailing list) to alert them about the new EP. Alongside that they’ve dropped their lead track from it, ‘The Divided States Of Us’ which is a welcomed turn for the band. Their EP Evolve Or Die is at least followed through in their fresh approach to song formation here.

On their fifth studio album and first into my world are Hollywood Undead. “California Dreaming” is a rather powerful reminder of how the guys have got this far and a great entry into the global scene.

If you need a bit of uptempo, happy (but not clappy) rock then the latest Sløtface is the perfect pick me up. There’s a lot of support via editorial platforms at the moment out there and it’s nice to latch onto to a track in these early stages. See what you think:

Getting into the new Press To MECO as well. Dropping fresh today it’s a real mash of styles and genres that work really well together.

I stumbled across DANCEHALL in my splurges of internet listening this last week or so. Nothing to do with the genre dancehall, this trio are such a welcome cacophony of alt. rock I’m super excited to see them live later this summer!

For those of you that just click by now and then to see what you fancy, you might not know that I host a show on UK national radio station Amazing Radio. Supporting the best in (predominantly) UK emerging alt rock but also those around the world. If you haven’t checked it out (or at least the track listing, pop along for more goodies -> https://amazingradio.com/shows/elise-cobain 

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#165 A weekend by the sea and other stories…

This weekend just gone was the International (based in Britain) festival The Great Escape. A celebrating of emerging and brand brand new talent from multiple countries across a pretty selection of genres. Everyone from Holy Roar Records to the French (yes…I just hyperlinked that) were down having a showcase and the already vibrant and musical seaside City of Brighton on the south coast of England.

What were my highlights? Projector (first show for me), Yonaka (SMASHED it),  Tigercub (who are a continual source of alt. rock love) and a rather wonderful set from Blood Red Shoes who are a delight to have back in life.

Ohmns are another name from Liverpool you need to check out. “View From Here” is a bit grunge, bit scuzz, bit indie.

This is a pretty raw sound coming out of Brooklyn. Love it! Kaleidoscope ->

Loving the mathsy rock style of Two Inch Astronaut as we enter the season for BBQ’s and late night listening (for the UK anyway) 🙂

If you fancy a bit of fresh punk rock try Hollow Hands (off of Milton Keynes).

A bit of a wildcard in the mix, but I really dig Paloma with their track “Fish”. Funk x indie x chill

Switch it back a turn and a half is Entropy. Fricking sweeeeeet!

Enjoying the anthemic chorus meets chilled verse vibes of The Sleepyheads. If you’ve heard the likes of Violent Soho before and fancy checking out a fresh Aussie band with a loosely similar sound then go no further.

Elise x