#164 Hyper splurge

I want to start this week with a track from an artist who I’ve been a massive fan go since before he set foot on our shores here in the UK: Flume. After taking on the world piece by piece, he’s back again and returning with a great new artist from Australia under the name of Kučka (pronounced kush-ka if you’re wondering). This one is unlikely to chart high due to it’s very lefty sound, but “Hyperreal is one beautiful production 👌

There are some mandatory (aka very Elise-sounding) tracks to get out there. First – Nothing But Thieves came back with something rather catchy and mass appeal rock. Something we desperately need in todays washed out playlists.

Don Broco also made a return ahead of their Slam Dunk Festival dates and announcement of their headline show at the Ally Pally (Alexander Palace) here in London later this year. Another solid return!

After being a bit late to the party I took the time to sit down with the latest Incubus album (aptly titled “8” as it is the number of released albums). Their opening track “No Fun” will be a welcome return to riffy-form for fans of Morning View or A Crow Left Of the Murder. Overall it’s a mixed body of work, but fans new and old should definitely invest a commute to check it out and make your own call.

Atlas Wynd are a new name to my ears. Hailing from the NE of the UK, but chilling out in Brighton (the current hub of loads of great alt. artists). Combining a nice mix of garage rock and Brit indie.

Love the darkness that runs through new Table Scraps. From Birmingham they’ve actually just released a 3D video for this track. Lovely to see a rather new band investing in some pretty snazzy digital stuff.

Like your post-grunge tunes? Then you need to hear Projector. So much throwback essence in their new single “Just The Once”.

Estrons – from Cardiff – smashed it into the world of alt. rock with a few corker tracks a little while ago, but this one is fresh off the last couple of weeks.

If you’re lacking scuzz in your life look no further. Wavves are back with a very strong track 👍🏼

And bringing the compass back home for me – Demob Happy. Another set of rockers settling in the southern town of Brighton. Back after a lengthy break to recharge and write new tunes.

And lastly if you want some rich alt rock out of Adelaide then take the time to click here and give Towns some love. Fresh to the Triple J Unearthed site.

Elise x

#163 Badass anthems

Opening tonight with PEER. The first Dutch band I know of that’s totally inspired by Brit Rock/indie. And it sounds alright 👌

Triple J Unearthed have just out done themselves and discovered a massive bulk of talent in the form of Ruby Fields. These bloody embeds never work, but trust me this one’s worth a click.

BLOODY GOOD SONG ->  https://www.triplejunearthed.com/embed/5874511

Ok…so Kendrick Lamar released something of a cultural banger for hip hop fans and others alike (I’m one of those ones that actually likes HUMBLE and more so for the ace video. But Swindail is an underdog. Australian-made and making beats like a boss. “C’est La Vie”.

Off their latest album ‘Beyond Repair’, try some riff-laden Blood Youth to notch things up a gear

And Aussie rockers Strangers are giving it some with their newest “Hex Mob”. Glad to see so many great releases of late with proper guitars right? Listen here

I didn’t want to like the new Royal Blood. I had told myself they would have lost it or had just a few tracks in them. They’ve proven me wrong which is brilliant (sorry guys 🏳). This is actually sweet as. “Lights Out” just reminds the idiots like me they’re a gem of British society.

Really getting in to Leeds latest spewings: Fizzy Blood. You like them too whether you know it yet or not.

Post-grunge anyone? Sure – thanks. Rabid rock for the ears this weekend. Meet Dregs and don’t look back.

Found Calva Louise this week via the amazing Ruth Kilpatrick (a boss at emerging music stuff) and feel like I need to relaunch a live music night brand to showcase these guys.

With an almost Third Man Records vibe to them, Clever Thing are pretty dandy in the rock n roll meets blues world.

And leaving you with my badass track of the week. grandson 🤘Honestly…badass bass