#164 Hyper splurge

I want to start this week with a track from an artist who I've been a massive fan go since before he set foot on our shores here in the UK: Flume. After taking on the world piece by piece, he's back again and returning with a great new artist from Australia under the name... Continue Reading →


#139 Everyone in the UK has a cold…

...so everything I'm listening too has a slightly dubbed sound as I listen through catarrh-filled ears. Yummy I hear you comment. Well yeah, but whatever. Stephen is to Californian what Matt Corby is to Australia. He's made an incredible track that'll attract fans of that artist through to state buddies The Neighbourhood. Flume is trailing... Continue Reading →

#137 Scuzz-junky

Within just 11 days we've managed to source all this brilliant new music, then the next 12 months is set to be rather stonking. Alternative rock in Canada is still going strong, with The Dirty Nil's latest single throwing down rock anthems meets punk spirit in one. ¬†Neighbourhood Youth are another new favourite out of... Continue Reading →

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