#195 …”blew my tiny mind”

...a phrase I've used a lot this week after seeing Rammstein in Berlin on Saturday night. <-- the most insane sentence I never thought I'd write, ever. And they didn't let me down. It was something else. To top that off, Dinosaur Pile-Up are on the Radio 1 playlist! AWESOME! And there's still tonnes of... Continue Reading →

#181 One of the best covers you’ve ever heard.

Covers are so hit and miss right? Weezer - "Africa"...k, they nailed that. Incubus once covered Massive Attack and smashed it. Muse - "Feeling Good" 👌 But most of the time it's just interesting rather than the best thing ever. Let me share with you a rather bright shining star that Triple J have cooked... Continue Reading →

#172 Here comes the scuzz…

Thanks Ty Segall for scuzzing up our lives yet again. It's a rather tasty number with vocals from Denée Segall. Thumbs up Ty. Smashing it again. DZ DEATHRAYS have returned with not only a new tune, but news of their new album Bloody Lovely, which the news is to my ears. Want to hear an... Continue Reading →

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