#173 The UK alt rock scene is bright

Brighton's Demob Happy are going to have a busy and bustling 2018. New album is en route, they've reminded people of how great they are via a collection of amazing live shows in the UK and Europe. This is the latest offering "Fake Satan". I keep coming back to The Pale White's self-titled EP. "Let... Continue Reading →


#164 Hyper splurge

I want to start this week with a track from an artist who I've been a massive fan go since before he set foot on our shores here in the UK: Flume. After taking on the world piece by piece, he's back again and returning with a great new artist from Australia under the name... Continue Reading →

#102 The sky opened up

That it did... Thanks for the memories. For introducing me to The Hives and The D4 and starting me on the slippery slope that lead me to working on that legendary show. Life just changed. In an over dramatic 'get over it way'. Sure. Sivu ft. Rae Morris "The Nile" is one powerful track. Piano... Continue Reading →

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