#166 Been busy…

Blimey! It’s been a busy one since we last spoke. I hosted another of my alt. rock nights here in London, England. Some amazing emerging rock artists that you should spend a minute of life checking out

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 21.07.10


Single Mothers – a band who were first introduced to me by word-of-mouth. That’s the best kind right? A band whose bio starts with ‘Single Mothers broke up in 2009 and have been playing shows ever since…’ has always stuck with me. They’re fellow Londoners…well, of the Canadian type (London, Ontario) and they make a rather wonderful racket that sounds like this:

As I mentioned in my Indie Shuffle post on the same song, bottle up the essence of summer and chuck it back out with some pysch/indie flair. This is Holiday Party, and this is their debut track “I’m Still Here”.

Calling all vibe-hunters; this is chillax bottled up and sprinkled with some hipster swagger. Yellow Days is a British prodigy with all the seasoning of a superstar and his latest stuff supports this even more.

Nothing More are a band originating from Texas, holding all the cult credentials that many alt. rock bands aspire to gain. Returning this week with new material I’ve used this opportunity to get stuck into the old stuff too. “Go To War” is a power jam.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Billy Raffoul. The American singer-songwriter who brings one of those voices to the world that is 100% soul food.

Off to 2000 Trees Festival in a just a couple of days to indulge in a weekend in the Cotswolds (a nice green bit of the UK) with a bunch of alt. rockers.

Till next time,

Elise x

#165 A weekend by the sea and other stories…

This weekend just gone was the International (based in Britain) festival The Great Escape. A celebrating of emerging and brand brand new talent from multiple countries across a pretty selection of genres. Everyone from Holy Roar Records to the French (yes…I just hyperlinked that) were down having a showcase and the already vibrant and musical seaside City of Brighton on the south coast of England.

What were my highlights? Projector (first show for me), Yonaka (SMASHED it),  Tigercub (who are a continual source of alt. rock love) and a rather wonderful set from Blood Red Shoes who are a delight to have back in life.

Ohmns are another name from Liverpool you need to check out. “View From Here” is a bit grunge, bit scuzz, bit indie.

This is a pretty raw sound coming out of Brooklyn. Love it! Kaleidoscope ->

Loving the mathsy rock style of Two Inch Astronaut as we enter the season for BBQ’s and late night listening (for the UK anyway) 🙂

If you fancy a bit of fresh punk rock try Hollow Hands (off of Milton Keynes).

A bit of a wildcard in the mix, but I really dig Paloma with their track “Fish”. Funk x indie x chill

Switch it back a turn and a half is Entropy. Fricking sweeeeeet!

Enjoying the anthemic chorus meets chilled verse vibes of The Sleepyheads. If you’ve heard the likes of Violent Soho before and fancy checking out a fresh Aussie band with a loosely similar sound then go no further.

Elise x