#181 One of the best covers you’ve ever heard.

Covers are so hit and miss right? Weezer - "Africa"...k, they nailed that. Incubus once covered Massive Attack and smashed it. Muse - "Feeling Good" 👌 But most of the time it's just interesting rather than the best thing ever. Let me share with you a rather bright shining star that Triple J have cooked... Continue Reading →


#180 Live music makes you feel amazing ❤️

Right? It does really sort out so many ills both physically and mentally. It's definitely felt good to cathart all the bad stuff out and shake a leg or two at 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham this last weekend. I mentioned this on twitter, but it really is one of the only events in the... Continue Reading →

#179 festival season is coming

For those in the UK, The Great Escape was just a warm up. No one's sleeping outside (not whilst sober anyway), but it's just a matter of days before it all really kicks off for summer 2018. Husky Loops have been my left of centre choice for some time, concocting guitars, synths and pop in... Continue Reading →

#177 Turning points and reflections…

A mixed bag of music to reflect where many of us are in life; a turning point. The seasons, life choices, decisions on the future, decisions on money, decisions on partners, decisions on what music we listen to. It seems fitting there's something for everyone on this weeks palate.   Some fans might recognise the... Continue Reading →

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