#200… Thank you for the clicks!

After seven... SEVEN amazing years writing this blog I've seen this blog grow from being a fun passion project of sharing music online to an internationally consumed little corner of the internet in it's prime. However, as the internet (and life!) changes, little corners of the internet like this become less and less popular and... Continue Reading →


#199 You lucky devils

As some of you lucky Brits ready yourselves for Reading and Leeds Festival I'll be watching social media to check everything is in order (ie, going mad and having the best time ever).Ā  It's a great time of year for us 'guitar' music fans as so many fans are emerging from writing sessions and getting... Continue Reading →

#198 Metalheads what a month it’s been!

Tool have come to streaming. Slipknot are releasing their album on Friday. Korn are back. The new blood in metalcore and heavier are soaring high (Northlane, Blood Youth, Resolve, Wage War, Bury Tomorrow....) and festivals are Rammstein are rocking up to Wales next year as well as Coventry. Who knows where else! Three New Tunes... Continue Reading →

#196 It’s time for Trees!

As I walk out the door with my things ready for 2000 Trees I wanted to pop a cheeky post up of things you can add to your playlists for the weekend and beyond. And maybe see some of you lovely folks on site in the field šŸ˜Š Three New Tunes Not To Miss Although... Continue Reading →

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