#194 Camping refresher anyone?

I made the mistake of getting my tent out to check it was still ok / no mould/ spiders / how do I work this damn thing sense-check. Turned into a full-on living room campsite for lols in minutes. But at least I’m pretty confident I know what I’m doing come festivals (which is starting in 2 days time) and that I’ll be able to provide myself some sort of shelter come the early hours when I’m done with being happy and jumping around. Standard festival fare.

Three New Tunes Not To Miss

Oh hello moshers! Enjoy a bit of unpredictability/ on the edge of chaos rock? Real Authority should sort you out. Their first single from their debut EP TRUE MOTION is a waker-uper if ever I heard it.

Enjoying the fuzzy-fuelled energy of Porcelain Pink. Newcomers to the scene but certainly sounding strong.

I actually really rate Oliver Tree. His early career was working online, acting, meming, YouTubing but he is genuinely a talented musician with incredibly bright and colourful videos. “Miracle Man” is pretty solid.

Album Review

Dinosaur Pile-Up – Celebrity Mansions

Dinosaur Pile-Up are the kind of band that people grow very attached too once they’ve found their ‘jam’. And with album #4  we’ve seen the British trio notch everything up a tad in terms of richness and style. “Pouring Gasoline” is reminiscent of the early days of the band, with a great rock’n’roll riff and progression whilst “Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk” is a bit of an earworm that’ll have you chair shuffling in no time. We’ve already had time to sit with “Back Foot” and “Thrash Metal Cassette” that are perfect alt. summer anthems, but you’ll have fresh blood in the likes of “K West” that remind us how effortlessly trans-atlantic this band can be through lyrics and style.

Top track: “Long Way Down“. A truly beautiful end to a huge piece of work. A huge, unassuming monster just sneaked away at track 10 but not to be missed.

Audio Catch

Really enjoy the style of This Must Be The Gig – which does a great job of capturing that live show spirit with interviews with the artists (not just music) on the day of the event plus ambience that is gold dust for those of us who were there.



Amazing Radio – Alternative playtime has begun

And join me and my actual voice on Amazing Radio Wednesday 19th June from 7pm for loads of the best new noisy music of now, Download Festival chats from across the weekend, a brand new Plugged In (tune of the week) and more.

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 20.30.49

Till next time,

Elise x

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