#191 There’s something in the water…

There’s a lot of indications to show the tide is changing in the music world. Guitar-based music has certainly never died but there’s something in the water at the moment and it’s spreading. Fast.

Three New Tunes Not To Miss

Nancy is the alias of one talented Jamie Hall who also happens to be frontman of Tigercub. When he’s not thrashing around with some beautiful rock tunes with beautifully muddy production he apparently thrashes around in an eclectic hyper-charged way with his outfit Nancy.  Booty shaking vibes.


London duo Anavae have released a rather anthemic number powered by Rebecca’s perfectly silky vocals. A real moment to recharge and enjoy a massive chorus.

They featured in the last publish, but since then Dinosaur Pile-Up have shared an EVEN BIGGER track than before which is madness

Album Review

Awaken I Am – The Beauty In Tragedy

The Brisbane band have been on the receiving end of some bad luck in recent years. Their guitarist Connor Verner-Oakley’s was sadly killed in a traffic incident in 2018 and whilst this could have meant the end of the band, they instead channeled their energies into creating something that is incredible.  “Dissolution” was the last song they wrote together in their original line-up which as well as being a great song, is an intense listen for fans old and new alike. Each song will mean a great deal to those who enjoy metalcore and hard rock from “By Your Side” through to  “Indifference” is a great ballad in waiting.

Top track: “Kin” is an excellent introduction to the EP with rich layered production and heart-wrenching lyrics, particularly in the chorus. A HUGE tune.

Audio Catch

Big ups to my mate Tom for recommending this one – Switched on Pop – which is hosted by two guys who live and breath music, one via a business career and the other via being a musicologist professor. From the humourous dissection of the Greta van Fleet album to the very current reign of Taylor Swift, it’s quite the ride.



Amazing Radio – Alternative playtime has begun

And join me and my actual voice on Amazing Radio Wednesday 8th May from 7pm for loads of the best new noisy music of now, a brand new Plugged In (tune of the week) and more.

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 20.30.49

Till next time,

Elise x

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