#190 Music for the good & the bad times

What a month! Since I last posted I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel out to Austin, Texas to consume the whirlwind that is SXSW festival 2019, including mentoring some of tomorrow’s brightest stars in music and performance. Plus the misfortune to having got a blood clot in the leg on my return flight :-/ Yep. Bad luck (+ a rather heavy dose of melatonin which is as a result NOT RECOMMENDED FOR LONG FLIGHTS!) meant it’s been a rather worrying second half of March. But, here we are. All present and correct and with some rather magical bits of noise to keep us going through it all, good and bad.

Three New Tunes Not To Miss

It’s a been a while since we heard from Matt Bigland and the guys known as Dinosaur Pile-Up. Over 3 years since their last album and a lifetime since we last had them around for live shows they’ve just released “Thrash Metal Cassette” which is a loving slap in the face wake-up call as to why we need them back in our ears.

SINKA are a new name on the block (if you’re not from Watford that is) with a rather impressive new single. EP is apparently in the works, but it’s a nice sign that riff-laden, fun and games rock is still alive and well.

Dance Gavin Dance have released a bit of a big anthem, with a cool music af video to go with it. Cowboys and trill riffs go beautifully well together would you believe?

Album Review

I Prevail – Trauma

The last time we spoke we were having a rather good time to the latest I Prevail single “Bow Down” and just in time for the next post the full body of work that was attached to has been released. A band not afraid to slow things down to thoughtful melodies and beats just as much as they tear things up with fiercely charged metal. Sometime within the same song. For those in favour of the full metal experience start with “Gasoline”. For those looking for a new rock anthem press play on “Hurricane” as a starter.

Top track: I do love a good metalcore piece, so aside from the singles we’ve heard that epitomise this, but this particular track is a great alternative to get into. (Plus I hear elements of nsync’s ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ in there?!) = DEADWEIGHT

Audio Catch

Falling upon Off The Beat & Track from various twitter handles I follow was a very happy accident indeed. Host Stu Whiffen is a great, non-polished, humbled gent from Essex who has focused this series on collecting great stories from some rather interesting characters from the Essex-county.  7 songs per piece – with great stories to accompany and perspectives. A real opportunity to indulge in some proper musical chat (without the constraints of understanding how to read music etc), learn more about an icon or a member of influence the music world and generally a great, meaty, informative and intriguing listen.


off the beat.jpg

Amazing Radio – Alternative playtime has begun

And join me and my actual voice on Amazing Radio next week, Wednesday 10th April for loads of the best new noisy music of now, a brand new Plugged In (tune of the week) and more.

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 20.30.49

Till next time,

Elise x

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