#187 🎉 Celebrating rock at the top!

Bring Me The Horizon had their first ever number 1 album. We had the likes of Rival Sons and Blood Red Shoes achieve great spots with their albums too. And the singles chart was riddled with the efforts of noisy musicians. It was a pleasant week to be involved in meetings that usually are lead by discussions of the latest pop x hip-hop crossover artist and general pop tunes. He’s a snapshot to what you might love this time round.

Three New Tunes Not To Miss

Don Broco’s surprise return at the end of January was wonderful. Experimenting with the traditional boundaries of rock and bringing their cheeky element of fun and swagger into their tunes, “Half Man, Half God” is surely indications for more music in 2019.

Need some homegrown noise? Heavy Rapids should set you up nicely. A good balance of DIY slog and visions of scrabbling around a tiny mosh pit in a local music venue, but with a nice polish of post-production on the recording. Big ups our Glasgow gents.

Simple Creatures are the poppiest entry of the day, bringing that signature ‘alt’ sound.  It’s the sound that you get when you put Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low into a room and get them making music. Massive sounding 👌

Album Review

Bring Me The Horizon – amo

Where to start?! A band who have been going for longer than most people know. Who have made a incredible 5 albums to precede this one (including one of my favourites of all time, Sempiternal), have come back with something bigger and bolder and challenging and brilliant and generally a talking point whatever your viewpoint. Working with Jordan (their keyboardist / vocalist) has been a game changer for the band. Throughout the albums he has been a part of the band they really have upped the bar and lead the way. Embracing the world of digital and tech within their work has allowed BMTH to breathe a little with their work and the great thing is (unless you are a die hard Count Your Blessings disciple) it’s a body of work that takes you through the album, rather than kicking you out at a few points by being too extreme or left of centre from the rest.

It may not be long into 2019, but this is one of the albums of the year.

Top track: sugar, honey, ice & tea

Audio Catch

If you put aside the fact that this is hosted by a heavy metal hero (one Dan P. Carter), SWIM (Someone Who Isn’t Me) is a really nice chance to get stuck into the culture, the art and the real people involved in the world of rock, metal etc. Occasionally he also makes a badass piece of artwork to accompany them.


screen shot 2019-01-29 at 20.49.57

Amazing Radio – Alternative playtime has begun

And join me and my actual voice on Amazing Radio next week, Wednesday 6th January from 7pm where we’ll be eyeing up the Slam Dunk Festival line-up (which is pretty tasty). And, as ever, loads of the best new noisy music of now, a brand new Plugged In (tune of the week) and loads of new noisy music.

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 20.30.49

Till next time,

Elise x


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