#183 It’s getting heavy AF out there.

Let’s inject some ENERGY into this piece with the return of Slipknot. And yes, you need to hear AND see this. You’re already late…

I was privileged enough to hear this ahead of release and it listened about 15 times in a row (no joke). The energy in this chorus from Selfish Things is enough to take the roof off.

While She Sleeps – a UK legend in the making – also returned over the past couple of weeks. They’re a hugely loved band here in the UK and many other countries around the world and are clearly aiming for world domination with tunes like this.

River Becomes Ocean are a band from Brighton who have teamed up with Liam (Cormier) off of Cancer Bats. And it’s a big sound. Metal / heavy rock fans assemble!

Let’s step things down a little again with Yonaka – whose EP is coming in just 2 weeks πŸ™‚

It was back in 2015 that I first shared a Polish Club track on my blog, raving about their raw, scuzzy style and energy.Β  Roll forward to 2018 and they’re still a duo that I talk about with avid enthusiasm. Their latest single “Clarity” has been my Plugged In (tune of the week essentially) on my Amazing Radio show and went down very well at their live show last month in London town.

Next up is the artists who was the first one I ever played on my national radio show, and a great musician all-round; Steven Battelle. Get into his recent powerhouse release.

De Staat have introduced themselves to the wider world with their genre-bending offering.

This is one of the many many great songs that The Pale White have released since they first came onto my radar a couple of years back. It’s all about the musical swagger with these gents and they have their sound nailed.

And leaving you with a little bluesy rock that makes me super happy; Rival Sons. “Back In The Woods” is a little jam for booty shaking seekers.

On Friday we see the return of Muse, which will be of great interest to old and new fans alike plus ramping up to an epic 2019’s worth of absolute tunes and awesome music.

Elise x

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