#182 I love this song ❤️

I literally wrote the the title in response to hearing this track. A brand new, relatively unknown band with a stonker of an indie rock anthem. Free Money will surely grow and continue to be on radars going forward.

Keeping that pace up, let’s cast an ear over to SHVPES, whose debut album is coming imminently (9th Nov). ‘Afterlife’ is an instant like and made to be played to a huge audience.

The biggest rock return of the year happened, in the form of Bring Me The Horizon. “Mantra” – for those of you who have been hanging underneath a rock – is surely going to be the first taste of a new album. Can’t wait to hear more!

Architects – future headliners of everything – have also returned with all roads to a Wembley date next year which is incredible for them.

The very first journalistic post I read about Drug Church described them as ‘punk agitators’. Amazing choice of words to describe a thoroughbred punk act creating some brilliant chugging rock meets that punk spirit that doesn’t really care what you call them.

Beartooth had dropped a bit of a beast of an album at the end of September called ‘Disease’. Every song on it is essentially the best thoroughbred rock song you’ve ever heard. And “Bad Listener” is an ear worm that you can’t kick.

Swedish rockers Normandie are also readying an album for the end of the month, but tempting us further with a new single. “Enough” is fantastic for rock fans looking for some fresh meat this time of year.

The Pale White have consistently released great songs so it’s not surprise to see their latest “Wisdom Tooth” platformed on this feed. Another signature TPW track.

The Hubbards – my favourite indie band in life right now and homegrown UK talent have returned with another future classic. “Good When I’m Done”. They’re out on tour this month and next so if you like the sound go grab them live.

Switching amps up a notch I was introduced to Tropic Gold recently and wowed to discover it was their debut single.  A beast of a track!

If you want to get your swagger on, Nothing But Thieves have had this one going for a little while. New EP is coming. Can’t wait to hear and I know loads of you are /have been seeing them out live this year!

Leaving you with a full album ‘must listen’ for those of you looking for the new love of your life. Black Peaks ‘All That Divides’ is a bloody good listen. Start with their latest “Eternal Light” and go where you please throughout the tracklisting from there.

For those you  who love all things The Faim, then don’t miss out on my show on UK digital station Amazing Radio where I’ll be speaking to Josh and Stevie from the band, plus playing all the best in rock awesomeness. Wednesday, 24th October from 7pm: https://amazingradio.com/shows/elise-cobain



Elise x

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