#181 One of the best covers you’ve ever heard.

Covers are so hit and miss right? Weezer – “Africa”…k, they nailed that. Incubus once covered Massive Attack and smashed it. Muse – “Feeling Good” 👌 But most of the time it’s just interesting rather than the best thing ever. Let me share with you a rather bright shining star that Triple J have cooked up with Nothing But Thieves. Covering a Gang of Youths track, Conor and the guys walk through this beauty.


Black Peaks new album is so near yet so far. 5th October – All That Divides. Another taster of the brilliant piece we’re eagerly awaiting! Will & Joe from the band covered my show on Amazing Radio recently, so if you want to listen to all their picks, chit chat and DJing skillz, then head on over. And if you like the sound of it, I’d love to have you join me fortnightly for the best in the world of alt. there 😀


Always a delight to have new music from DZ DEATHRAYS. Committed to playing the UK, Europe and beyond is great for me cause I actually get to see them live, but it’s been a joy to watch crowds grow every time they return.  If you haven’t heard their new album Bloody Lovely, you’re late…just saying.


New Jersey isn’t the first place I’d think about when people talk about American rockers. But it’s the home of  Save Face, whose new album Merci is  home to this beast of a track “Bad”


Stockholm’s Normandie are playing at Reading & Leeds Festival later this month and have something of a anthem in their latest “Ecstasy”.


This next pick are emerging from Edinburgh and I hope they move around and come and see me in England and beyond soon. Painting Rockets are repping the scene true and proper here with “Exposed”.


Talking a walk with Fizzy Blood and their infectious basslines again. Their new release “Strangers” is catchy AF.

And leaving any grunge fans out there with the promise of brilliant raw goodness from Melbourne trio Loser – worth the click through for throughbred jams.

Catch some of you in the field for Reading Festival 2018 – let’s make it another one for the scrapbook of life!

Elise x


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