#180 Live music makes you feel amazing ❤️

Right? It does really sort out so many ills both physically and mentally. It’s definitely felt good to cathart all the bad stuff out and shake a leg or two at 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham this last weekend. I mentioned this on twitter, but it really is one of the only events in the world where you can see a combination of Hell Is For Heroes (nostalgic + legends), Enter Shikari (killer modern headliner alt), Gender Roles (emerging strong talent) and get a good veggie curry. A tough combo that no one else has beaten just yet.

Sick Joy had a really warm, full sounding set and are 100% recommended for those looking for future anthems to sink their teeth into. They’ve also just dropped their latest video for “Stumbler”. Can hear this belted out in a stadium. 🔊



Also caught Mallory Knox, whose track “Black Holes” will be familiar to loads of you already. Smashed through a main stage set of old, new and super new (as in we can’t hear it anywhere just yet) and I can’t wait! They sound epic.

No surprise at all to see Ian Davenport’s name attached to Canada’s Rebelle. A really meaty number with “Hide” popped into my world a couple of weeks back. Love the build in this one.

And sticking with Canada, the awesome duo that is cleopatrick are getting more and more stunning with every track I hear. “youth” was released over the past weeks.


Both beautifully scuzzy numbers there. But if you’re looking for something more accessible and bright check out Hello Operator “I Created A Monsters”, which has a fun looking, attention-capturing video too.


Long-term favourites Big Spring are back with a new EP on the horizon and hopefully the promise of some slick shows to be announced.


If you need some stoner rock, Gamjee have it to serve up good and proper. These Melbourne rockers usually have a more psych style, but this is a welcome divergence.

And leaving you with the latest noise from Brighton legends Blood Red Shoes. Self-released with quick turnarounds from finishing to us hearing is (which is nice eh?). New album en route is not too far out to presume. Keep your eyes peeled.


Elise x


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