#179 festival season is coming

For those in the UK, The Great Escape was just a warm up. No one’s sleeping outside (not whilst sober anyway), but it’s just a matter of days before it all really kicks off for summer 2018.

Husky Loops have been my left of centre choice for some time, concocting guitars, synths and pop in creative amounts for a few years now. Their latest “Daft” is the perfect description of ‘different’.

Very aware that these embed codes never seem to work on this damn thing from Spotify, but caught a new track from Failure called “No One Left” which really stood out. https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0PGWqVDKvxmPxA29v6DRAc” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Swing by and listen if you can.

For this next track, pop both headphones in pause on life and reflect with the perfect soundtrack from Tesse. Beautiful 👍

Listening to Fangclub actually transports me to a weird place. Like if we’ve gone back in time to 1994, but refused to fit in 100%. “Knife” is an angry anthem for the alternative.


Speaking of anthems – here is the new Slaves reminding us all what a fricking blessing they are to our ears in this generation.


Tancred is a new name to music in my world, but delighted to have found her (Jess Abbott) for a good bit of indie rock 🔥


This latest one from The New Tusk is worth watching even if you’ve been bewitched into not enjoying punkish rock and savage indie. 👍


And as ever, for more check out my show on Amazing Radio  where I do fortnightly 2 hours shows packed with the best in alternative music.

Elise x



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