#178 There’s so much we need to share…

My bad – it’s been a minute of life since we last spoke. So many fantastic songs released. And not just songs, albums, EPs, live shows. Many of you have started your festival season too and many more will after the coming week or so.

As I write this I’m still reliving moments from seeing The Faim at the Aussie BBQ event in London. They really are tomorrow’s stadium headliners for all things punk x pop and fun-time rock. Perfect for those who love anything from Fall Out Boy through Pierce The Veil through Blink 182.

Slow Talk unleashed their debut EP at the end of April and have been met with a lot of alternative love. Their title track “New Vernacular” was also their debut release as a single.

Have always been a big fan of Von Sell and despite the gaps between releases it’s a real joy to listen to new material upon each release. His latest “Digital Sleep” is just another playful, take on his vaguely alt. pop style.

This Brighton-based duo describe themselves as the ‘worst damn kids on the neighbourhood’ and partnered with their badass grunge inspired rock style it, I’m 100% in! Check out Sit Down‘s EP in full – the first track below:

The first time I read about this track being release I looked so quickly I briefly mistook the title of this track, for Cali’s finest FIDLAR had signed with Alcopop! Records. Well…whilst that dream scenario is forging it’s path, we can enjoy their latest track “Alcohol” which is perfect drawl with their signature style. Playing London and Manchester whilst their in the UK this July too.

The Pale White have returned with more tantalising music which may or may not form part of their debut album release.


Bounce time? Dirty Projectors be bouncing – perfect Brooklyn indie x pop with their latest “Break Thru”. So good, I’ll cast a blind over their incorrect spelling of ‘thru’ πŸ˜‰ Brits can’t help it now and then!

cleopatrick (with the lower case btw in case you’re wondering) are reminding the world that Canada isn’t all about Bryan Adams and Drake…no no. Canada has one of the healthiest alt. scenes of the moment and cleopatrick are one duo reminding the world of how bluesy rock is a beautiful thing.

So happy Spring King are back with new music. This is band that has a special place in my heart. I’ve really enjoyed their music for some years now, had the pleasure of working with them on their first SXSW trip and seen them play everything from tiny venues through to supporting the Kaiser Cheifs at stadiums! WOW.

And leaving you with a song perfect for reflection, consideration and calm. Beautifully sung by Kelsey Lu.

Elise x

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