#176 Just before SXSW 2018

#3 for me as I pack and prepare for SXSW 2018. A week of industry chumming up, inspirational and insightful talks (I’m going to one on NASA + Lego for example. WAAAA?!?!) and of course, the meat and veg for me, the music showcases.

I’ll report back on that in a couple of weeks, but for now a collection of the best of the alt. scene that’s come out recently.

Throw some energy into the new Baker’s Eddy track! “Sad & Happy” spews out garage x punk x chaos.

Now let’s juxtapose that with a dark, heavy number from ho99o9 who have just been confirmed for 2000 Trees Festival this summer. YES!!

And flipping it back again – this suave number is from Sydney’s finest soulful jammers Ocean Alley

Turbowolf are about to drop one of the rock albums of the year on Friday.  The Free Life features songs like this beast – ft. Sebastien off of DFA!!

Black Foxxes new one (their album is also due on Friday!) is one to add on the must listen.

WOAHNOWS are back with some indie x punk x surfy madness that makes me smile.

The Pale White are back with yet another (no surprises) incredible track.

And leaving you The Dead Love who continue to impress me with every track they spew out. Rock is not dead ❤️

Elise x

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