#174 People who are beige and boring

Someone mentioned to me once a year or two ago that hip-hop/dance was the future. There was no future for “rock”.


Rock is well and truly alive, inspirational and sounding as sick as ever!! These beige folk are clearly not open to hearing what’s around them and just chasing chart hits. There’s a special place for them and it’ll be in the ‘chart hits’ section of Tesco of a Sunday morning whilst they buy their bread and cheese.

Suburban are a great East Coast band from Australia. Found via my kindred spirit (radio/brand) Triple J Unearthed I’m very much enjoying the psych boombox on this video too.


Melbourne punk rockers My Echo have also shared something of an underground anthem this last month with  “Keep The Dream A Lie”. Worth a browse over (click here->) 🎶

I have to post this in here as I found out so many of you haven’t heard FIDLAR cover Nirvana yet. It’s the perfect meld of FIDLAR’s Sol Cal and true Seattle grunge.



Low Island , despite the comparisons (not helped by the fact the band we’re thinking of comes from the same town in the UK), shouldn’t be annoyed by it. It’ll help introduce this incredible medley of indie, pop and electro to new ears around the world. I had a moment today with this brand new track.


The Dollar Bill Murrays are back! After supporting them prior to this via my Amazing Radio show on UK national radio, I’m digging this next one too. As are many others at home (in AUS) and abroad.

This is a great lofi mix from your new favourite indie band. Indie in our sense of the word aka not happy clappy ‘nah nah nah’ your way through the chorus. Love the way this song builds! Discover Anti Violet

This is a drivers / high school leavers / dreamers / go-getter anthem. Pip Blom are making great punk rock and I’m a big fan. I can’t wait to see them live!

And wrapping up today with something of a grunge-filled modern treat. CRUM are pretty new, but making tunes that sound like they’ve been established for years.

Elise x



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