#170 When the worlds crumbles around you…

…music will always be there. When you’re sad, mad, on the brink of breaking. You know your medicine, your ‘go-to’ music to make you feel better, let it all out or just tone it all down a notch so you can see the horizon. And of course the good. But that’s a story for another day.

Lean Year – “Come And See” was a real surprising moment of calm in the madness (and the music) this week. Just like Fiona Apple’s cover of “Across The Universe”, it was a beautifully soft addition to this weeks playlist.

And keeping things downtempo, an old flame Kllo are back with new material. Sounding amazing ❤️

Bringing things back up a bit – I totally love Beck’s music. Everything he writes, whatever mood he’s in is actually fantastisch. Cool video too.

Heard this off a local London label Fuzz Club. The Woken Trees is a nice alt mix, albeit with dark undertones.

The Pale Emperor is back with some rather delicious metal/alt. Marilyn Manson is a legend of our time.

And wrapping up this post with two very important releases over the past couple of weeks, album-wise.

Firstly – Death From Above 1979 have shared something rather special in the form of their third album Outrage! Is Now 

And then we have Tired Lion’s debut Dumb Days, which sounds ace!

Elise x

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