#169 Remember why you bother doing it…

I have a never-ending source of love and chips for Death From Above 1979.  Their new track “Never Swim Alone” is an absolute sonic assault of good times.

You might also have noticed Brand New returned after an 8 year break between albums! Just all at once, boom! We get a whole selection. This is the lead track – Can’t Get Out”

And Tigercub have shared another one off their forthcoming EP Evolve Or Die. Which is turning out to be a little jam – “It’s Only Love”.

I don’t usually share videos, but it’s always such a joy to see At The Drive In in action again after a long hiatus. “Call Broken Arrow” is the latest offering.

Estrons – a real burner for so many right now – are back with yet another jam.

And Bad Nerves are back with their indie-fused tune “Radio Punk”

The By Gods are showcasing Nashville’s darker side of guitar music. A great country scene, a great rock n roll scene, but certainly not restricting any other genres too. These guys are making grunge-influenced guitar music in the modern age. With chugging drawling melodies that pull you through to the amped up riffs, it’s a real spice out there this month in music.

I don’t usually check in with the shoegaze / slacker stuff too much, but heard Night Owls today and I was really impressed. “Honestly” might just be your summer jam.

This will be the first time Reading 5-piece Valeras appear on my blog, but delighted to have come across them. Angsty and vibes in one!

Marmozets have gone off and done some growing up (they were super young when they dropped their debut!) and come back with new track “Play” this week.

Delving through the smaller tastemakers is often the most fun 😃 Discovered The Bear Hunt from Brisbane off of 4ZZZ.

This is a pretty funky number too – Boat Show – “The Big Smoke” is angsty as anything.

Really enjoying this blast of metal from Thornhill too. 

Fizzy Blood – one of the best new alt bands in the UK also shared a new tune just a day or two ago. And it’s ace!

I also did a little piece for SubTV in the UK- so this will be shown all around UK University Unions which is pretty cool 🙂 👍🏼

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 13.11.58

Elise x

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