#163 Badass anthems

Opening tonight with PEER. The first Dutch band I know of that’s totally inspired by Brit Rock/indie. And it sounds alright šŸ‘Œ

Triple J Unearthed have just out done themselves and discovered a massive bulk of talent in the form of Ruby Fields. These bloody embeds never work, but trust me this one’s worth a click.

BLOODY GOOD SONG -> Ā https://www.triplejunearthed.com/embed/5874511

Ok…so Kendrick Lamar released something of a cultural banger for hip hop fans and others alike (I’m one of those ones that actually likes HUMBLE and more so for the ace video. But Swindail is an underdog. Australian-made and making beats like a boss. “C’est La Vie”.

Off their latest album ‘Beyond Repair’, try some riff-laden Blood Youth to notch things up a gear

And Aussie rockers Strangers are giving it some with their newest “Hex Mob”. Glad to see so many great releases of late with proper guitars right? Listen here

I didn’t want to like the new Royal Blood.Ā I had told myself they would have lost it or hadĀ just a few tracks in them. They’ve proven me wrong which is brilliant (sorry guys šŸ³). This is actually sweet as. “Lights Out” just reminds the idiots like me they’re a gem of British society.

Really getting in to Leeds latest spewings: Fizzy Blood. You like them too whether you know it yet or not.

Post-grunge anyone? Sure – thanks. Rabid rock for the ears this weekend. Meet Dregs and don’t look back.

Found Calva Louise this week via the amazing Ruth Kilpatrick (a boss at emerging music stuff) andĀ feel like I need to relaunch a live music night brand to showcase these guys.

With an almost Third Man Records vibe to them, Clever Thing are pretty dandy in the rock n roll meets blues world.

And leaving you with my badass track of the week. grandson šŸ¤˜Honestly…badass bass

#162 Just when you thought things had gone quiet…

They never go quiet. You’re wrong. Somewhere in the world there’s madness happening in the music world that will make you drop everything and listen. Isn’t that great? Yeah…you do have to go searching though.

In the days past I went to a pretty damn good rock show. Thee MVPS – Tigercub – Pulled Apart By Horses. In that order. PABH once again showing the world how a rock show is done. Each of these artists is playing an integral role inĀ the UK rock scene at various levels and if you haven’t heard of them, here’s the must hear of the moment from each.

I found Okay Champ this week and I’m totally in love. If you like post hardcore you must just too….

Recommended to me by someone who I’m slowly realising isĀ one of the most understated music people I know – Charlie off of Thee MVPs – Ā Borzoi are straight outta Ausin, Texas and make a good racket to go with it.

Speaking of noise, Raketkanon are a fresh one for my radar. Not if you’re from Ghent though (cause they are). It’s something to get into if you like your more niche rock, but I’m interested.

For a long time I wasn’t checking 4ZZZ. Shame on me. I missed great stuff. One of the best, most Ā passionate local stations I’ve had the chance to stumble across pon di internet. WAAX are bloody brilliant – on their picks for this week.

Looking for a bit of bliss? The Dollar Bill Murray’s are hitting the spot pretty well. Super sunny listening meets indie brunch.

And leaving you with Tired Lion, whoĀ are also back with another strong indie rock offering. This one will have you la-la-la-ing along in no time.

Elise x