#161 Back from a second SXSW trip

Feeling like a new person I must add. A full 7 days of learning, networking and (most importantly) sampling some of the best new music the world has to offer from all genres. I can’t recommend it enough. Try it once in life if you can!

Oscar Key Sung is a fantastic pick by the guys that look after Good Manners Music. The first chance I’ve had to see him live I was so impressed I caught all three of his shows across the week. There’s future R&B and soul and electro sure…but something about the delivery of Oscar’s differentiates it from the rest.

I’m not saying this kind of music is going to change the world, but when you’re cruising through the streets of Austin, Texas and a racket like this pours out the door you have to go inside and see what the fuss is about. Bro/Sis duo White Mystery were a really fun live set during my week there.

For a bit of a curveball, but a great showcase Noga Erez was good, as was Tunde Olaniron. His track ‘Namesake’ is easily a blog classic with potential.

Sadly didn’t get the see them live due to clashes, but feel like I really missed out on White Reaper with their US rock style that we so sorely miss here in the UK.

If you loved anything that came out of the post-hardcore and alt. scene in the US in the 00s and early 10s, you will love Orlov. Actual love ❤

If someone said ‘come see Rick Maguire from Pile solo’ I’m not sure I’d be running to but tickets, but I would have been wrong. As a solo proposition it’s clear to see where a huge bulk of the writing style and brilliance of the band comes from.

Sticking with that wonderfully US sound, meet Forth Wanderers whose elegance in the genre is spot on. Perfect day-dreamer music for guitar fans.

And leaving you with the best live show of the season – SuperGlu – who smashed it, had some lols and have a great, fun, discography to perform. Massive thumbs up!!

If you’re like me and find hours of life to pour through new music the SXSW bloggers guide is a great rabbit hole to get stuck into -> http://bloggersguide.sxsw.com/?rand=4XYEPS9mBqTJjs7jDUae#skip-intro

Elise x




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