#160How does it make you feel?

Since the day job is in playlisting I get asked this a lot. And I guess I have to consider it a fair bit too. Most casual and mildly engaged listeners (the average joe as you might call them) like music but aren’t nuts like us guys that go out searching, reading blogs and having a semi-permanent extension to our ears aka headphones. But actually, when you do think about it, music can be a life-saver, an adrenaline rush just when you need it, and the night nurse to put you to sleep. And everything in between. Isn’t that amazing. Vibrations in the air that make hairs in your lug holes (english slang speak for ears) can do more than a drug that’s chemically designed to give you a kick or a boost. Madness. Wonderful, much-appreciated witchcraft 👍

So, fancy some Newcastle rock? Australian that is. Newcastle is a also a place in the NE of the UK, but that’s not the one we want today. Introvert are a find of the TripleJUnearthed guys who have their ear to the ground day in day out to find the next Flume, DZ DEATHRAYS, Courtney Barnett and everything in between. They also happen to be part of the most exciting territory in the world to be apart of in a musical sense – in my opinion. If you like your post-hardcore; anything from Cymbals Eat Guitars to Single Mothers, then park yourself a 3min35 space in your life for this one.

I also stumbled across this beauty during last week. A band like Dune Rats would never be given the airwaves to pick such rad who gives a f*?k music for half hour on any British national station. The fact that they’re cherished and allowed to pick such raw, energetic tunes actually fills me with joy. If you need some time to indulge in being young, wild and free, then do it!

I think I’ve just discovered the best modern rock track (with elements of grunge) ever. Dear Seattle is literally a melodic love letter to the grunge-gods of the 90s and it sounds wonderful.

In face if you like any of your grunge rock be inspired by some of the choices in this article “if you like Violent Soho”…

And finally …need a pause on life? Chill trap was always a bit of a reach to me in terms of a genre title…but then you hear a track like Golden Vessel “Wave” and you get it. Totally.

Elise x




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