#158 New Year. And…

The world hasn’t collapsed on itself, not all the wrongs have been righted and we’re just emerging from our christmas dens and returning to work or college. Life…goes on.

Now and then I love to indulge in a bit of Nordic pop. MØ has the bangers and I like the way the music from outside the key revenue areas (USA and UK) are trying to be different so we don’t all end up with the same style of music kicking around. off bloom‘s “Love To Hate It” has a really fresh take on electro-pop production. Super-catchy and bright 🙂

Triple J Unearthed are back at it again – picking out the best from the AUS music scene like a pro. Glass Wave are the newest rockers to share their music with the site in 2017 and it sounds ace.

I still remember hearing “Teen Spirit” for the first time. Not Nirvana’s version (although I can remember hearing it first off of a friends grease covered headphone at school) but SZA of course. Another sultry number. Why is she not a global star yet?! Can people not hear this?

Cloud Nothing‘s released their fourth album ‘Live Without Sound’ on Friday and although I’m still getting into it, the lead single they shared just after the start of the year – “Enter Entirely” is a big grower.

Iceland’s Asgeir is back with something rather special indeed. “Unbound” is the first taster ahead of his second album “Afterglow”. Perfect Sunday evening vibes whenever you need it.

This is the newest punk-duo to pop up out of the UK. Sounds like a hell of a lot of fun! Meet Gloo

And what a wonderful start to the year it is indeed! Pulled Apart By Horses are back with “Hotel Motivation”. Jams a plenty.

Really enjoying the latest indie outburst from Clock Opera. New album “Venn” is due out February 10th if you like the sound of this…

I’ve just planned my commute music for the next week at least. Ty Segall‘s new album (self-titled) is the bollocks. Enjoy this guys love of scuzz and get your head nodding.


Very happy with the return of Childcare to our ears. “Kiss?” is a really brilliant indie pop track and I can foresee those packed out venues ramping up again for 2017.

Really enjoying some Shitty Life straight out of Italy. If you like a slightly rawer sounding The Hives.

So many more tunes to share. Need to post this before my draft bursts!

Elise x


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