#157 How have I not heard this?

Even if you spent your life on the internet finding new tunes you’ll often get a mighty surprise of being quite a few people behind hearing the next huge thing. Sometimes there’s a massive buzz around a track but it all happens within the Soundcloud (or other) stream page itself, shared among A&R style groups until it goes a bit bigger. This is exactly how I feel about London producer Mïnk whose music I overheard in the office the other day. Almost missed something rather special…

Can’t recommend the blog pilerats.com enough – always got some great tips for new Aussie music and beyond. This week they’ve shared with us Michael Strong and his album “Almathea”. Brilliant if you like your stuff alternative – think Trent Reznor with less scurge and more electronica.

Now time for the SXSW 2017 pre-spool. I’ve started to go through the enviably long list of unknowns and developing acts from around the world and here’s a few picked out from the first showcase.

Sammus has attitude and melodies. She’s a rapper, producer, visual artist, PhD student and New Yorker. Sounds like the full-360 to me and “Time Crisis” is a sure sign of talent for days.

Weaves – yet another reason why Canada isn’t all about Drake (or Alessia Cara if you’re a teenage girl). There’s a massively rich alternative rock scene in the country and these guys are springing out of Toronto.

And it’s not all guitars in this world. Have a stop and stare moment with Danish artist Agnes Obel whose track “It’s Happening Again” would fit perfectly with any Tim Burton soundtrack.

Nine Inch Nails, who’ve dropped a special Christmas present for us; “Burning Bright (Field On Fire)” is the teaser for the new EP – release date TBC…but soon

And leaving you with something pretty magical – serpentwithfeet – this is raw talent. Listen to this voice!

Elise x


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