#157 How have I not heard this?

Even if you spent your life on the internet finding new tunes you’ll often get a mighty surprise of being quite a few people behind hearing the next huge thing. Sometimes there’s a massive buzz around a track but it all happens within the Soundcloud (or other) stream page itself, shared among A&R style groups until it goes a bit bigger. This is exactly how I feel about London producer Mïnk whose music I overheard in the office the other day. Almost missed something rather special…

Can’t recommend the blog pilerats.com enough – always got some great tips for new Aussie music and beyond. This week they’ve shared with us Michael Strong and his album “Almathea”. Brilliant if you like your stuff alternative – think Trent Reznor with less scurge and more electronica.

Now time for the SXSW 2017 pre-spool. I’ve started to go through the enviably long list of unknowns and developing acts from around the world and here’s a few picked out from the first showcase.

Sammus has attitude and melodies. She’s a rapper, producer, visual artist, PhD student and New Yorker. Sounds like the full-360 to me and “Time Crisis” is a sure sign of talent for days.

Weaves – yet another reason why Canada isn’t all about Drake (or Alessia Cara if you’re a teenage girl). There’s a massively rich alternative rock scene in the country and these guys are springing out of Toronto.

And it’s not all guitars in this world. Have a stop and stare moment with Danish artist Agnes Obel whose track “It’s Happening Again” would fit perfectly with any Tim Burton soundtrack.

Nine Inch Nails, who’ve dropped a special Christmas present for us; “Burning Bright (Field On Fire)” is the teaser for the new EP – release date TBC…but soon

And leaving you with something pretty magical – serpentwithfeet – this is raw talent. Listen to this voice!

Elise x

#156 Christmas is the best time to delve

Apart from the weekly supermarket shop I really don’t hear Christmas music. I don’t actively look for it, I don’t have friends who really play it and my work is mostly spent in headphones so again…my choice. So I’m always so happy that there’s some down time during this time of year to really delve into the online scene and find some fantastic music that set you up for the year to come.

Discovered Aussie indie band IV League this morning. Melbourne-based but with music that connects with the world. ‘Bleached” is a great alternative anthem.

We’ll see how long this lives online in full outside of Spotify etc, but WILLS returned with “Weeps”. Gorgeous Future R&B.

Aussie producer Enschway is back with “Taking Hold” – bright future bass production as standard.

I usually hate posting about tracks without an embed, but I think the soulful singer-songwriter vibes from Morgan Bain on “Hush” is something pretty special indeed… Another things to thank TripleJUnearthed for.

Another indie dreamer number from Bell Rapids – “GF”. Something that stood out in the busy indie scene of today.

I’ve played Alison Wonderland – “Messiah” to a few ears around the place and the result has been mega positive. Future bounce on tap.

If you like your rock a little bit in-between Kings Of Leon and Highly Suspect then you might just love Kingswood – Creepin.

Something beautiful’s happening in Alice Springs – in the form of Resin Moon. “Feels” is in a world of it’s own.

May Lyn is another ethereal moment with minimal electronica vibes.

This one totally reminds me of some of the more atmospheric Moby. Daily Holla. #spacegaze Actually loving this…totally let loose music.

Elise x