#155 The curious will always search…

Music discovery is not a bygone age. Playlists have made things easier, but they have not made it more difficult to find new music, they’ve made it easier to be introduced to new things and largely left the original discovery outlets unaffected. I hope this playlist offers some sort of value to those of you reading and hoping to find something new for your collections or to be inspired to try something new.

Did you miss the Jack Garrett and Lee Cooper Jeans collaboration? One of the strongest tracks Jack’s popped out for a while and super soulful.

Chicago’s Wheathin has bottled up a sense of summer chilling and brought an exuberant electronica beat to our ears at the start of the month. Definitely still working for both sides of the world whatever the weather ☀️


A friend who has seen Yonaka live said it was like watching a ravenous guitar master owning a stage and bringing the grrrr back into British rock. Sounds good to me. New music with us this month in the form of “Drongo”.

Nobody’s Face is a German producer whose first track to my ears came just a few weeks ago. “Follow Me” is like a brain dump of electronica and totally music to watch colours to.

Good to hear the Mallory Knox lads back on form with “Giving It Up” and that means the festival 2017 season will be a good’un to see them live!

There’s a new extremely likeable indie rocker in town from the AUS…Alex Lahey. “You Don’t Think People Like Me” is a pretty good introductory tune to the masses and surely a Triple J summer hit (for the southern hemisphere) right there.

This is a great video. Mikhael Paskalev has made some anthems in his time and all have had a very watchable video. Spend 7mins of your life delving into this creative splurge.

Well this is a rather furious find! Grief Tourist seemingly living up to their name here with some punk-fuelled anguish and outlet.

Some durgey (verb to be high in mids and light bass by my definition) grunge music straight outta Brighton from Gang. There’s something going on in that town that is outstanding and I’m very interested in some of the live shows going on in that part of the world.

And wrapping up with one of my albums of the year (just in there!) from Tigercub. Another Brighton-based alt. rock band whose debut is certainly one to place them on the radars far and wide across the world. If you haven’t already got involved then here’s your chance to lock in.


Elise x


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