#153 A skydive, a life-changing opportunity & a takeaway

Since we last spoke I had a pizza takeaway (I never eat takeaway so this was pretty special and I properly gorged!), did a skydive for charity (the scariest and most stressful thing ever…apart from the actual drop for which I was so in the zone for I actually felt ok) and a life-changing opportunity came up. The results of that still TBC…

But that, in a nutshell, is why I’ve been so quiet and rubbish in terms of sharing new music with you guys. Let’s start with Cali-pop punk crew Joyce Manor who have been away for a bit but are ramping up to a new album released in early October (thanks to Epitaph).

You won’t be surprised to hear this next act are from LA: Bad Wave They’ve got that electro-pop gleam that only those from the big city have mastered. It’s got everything for a indie fan, an alt.pop and a surfer pop consumer. Really sweet track!

Tigercub are the most exciting rock band emerging from the UK. Hands down. Their debut album ‘Abstract Figures In the Dark’ is out November 11th via Alcopop! (one of the UK’s coolest DIY labels) and I can’t wait to catch them on their headline tour. \m/

Aussie rockers DZ DEATHRAYS have also dusted off the cobwebs and are mobilising for a UK tour. Which is ace news considering their discography and new music is totally ace.

Declan McKenna has really proven himself as a key British indie singer-songwriter of modern times. From his initial spotlight with “Brazil” he’s proven himself as a true musician and one with more than one or two tracks under his belt for the masses to love.

Loving a bit of psychedelia from Johannesburg’s newest alt. rockers on the block: Sol Gems. Fans of Ty Segall through Tame Impala will find something to latch onto here.

Switching it up a bit – if you’ve ever dabbled in the likes of Flume, Martin Garrix (the new stuff), Peking Duk, Hermitude or Rustie you probably love Future Bass. Pilerats – an awesome AUS music outlet has shared some of the best Aussie producers from the scene online and there’s some sick options. MUTO is one of my favs, but take a listen through and pick!

Next one if for all the proper muso fans – Triple J Unearthed level – which includes a collaboration between Hobart, Melbourne and Nashville. Swiipe Machine is a stunning indie electronica offering.

And going with the AUS flow, lets meet Top Lip. A great new indie act with downtempo vibes for all.

Elise x





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