#151 Future Bass is coming

I mean, it’s always been coming. Building up slowly but surely through the past few years, but not it’s hurtling around the world at full speed. Check out the new Martin Garrix for example. Taking on those early days of Flume that I blogged about with love and adoration a few years ago and putting it slap bang in the middle of the mainstream audiences mind. Brilliant stuff I say.

BAYNK is another discovery via Triple J Unearthed whose track ‘”About Me”  is the perfect antidote to a long commute. Your mind is all frazzled and suddenly this pops up. Daydreamer central.

Next up is garage shoegaze rockers Hideous Sun Demon – a proper grunge meets modern day post-prog journey in sound.

To all those people that say rock is dead – you can listen to this and then rethink your claims. See Fangclub whose grunge rock is absolute bliss to my ears.

It’s never a bad time to flag up Tigercub. I said it before but these guys have massive potential. Having seen them perform at 2000 Trees festival earlier in the summer it really felt like I was with a group of fans who truly loved the band and the music is something you can 100% get behind.

I’ve been on a Soundcloud Discovery trip lately through the world of chill wave and related genres. Goldchain – a Toronto based producer – is hitting the spot.

So much buzz going on in the online music world ❤

Elise x


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