#148 Is rock really dead?

I had a horrible thought this weekend as I was scouring the corners of the internet to find great new emerging rock acts in London town and spending the rest of the waking hours attending Field Day festival that rock is in a bit of a corner at the moment. Feeling a little blue I took to the internet in search of some solace – perhaps some nostalgic rock music to cure my woes. Luckily for me the internet also reminds me that rock is well and truly bubbling in its pockets globally and I am not alone in my love of things raucous.

Starting with GØGGS – Ty Segall’s other other band who ramp up the scuzz and just enjoy life in 3-4minute outbursts at a time.

Heard the new PUP album? The Dream Is Over is now streaming on Spotify so I’m sorted for the summer. “Doubts” is a banger.


Glass Animals are certainly doing their bit at the moment to make the musical world a little richer and crazy eh? New material from them to keep across.

Lee’s band FURR have released a great addition to your alt. playlists with a classic rock meets grunge number

Australia’s Tired Lion haven’t disappointed with their follow up music from becoming the gem of Triple J Unearth’s year. PS – new album alert!

And so whilst I dedicate the reminder of my week to go through a meaty backlog of Triple J Unearthed uploads to see if I haven’t been missing out on the latest and greatest I can promise you next time will be another AUS discovery piece for all.

Elise x




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