#147 Music on tap

Now we're all done and dusted with The Great Escape it's time to get on with all those who we didn't quite see or (if you're non-UK) never would have seen anyway! Starting with a band (now) called Loa Loa, who spent some time rocking under a different name before restarting and owning the alt.... Continue Reading →

#146 The Great Escape 2016 + friends

One of the things I love most about attending a festival is the pre-work that goes into it Making sure you know the line-up and have listened to some songs / material from the acts so that you can honestly say you had the most informed line-up plan you could possibly do. On the other... Continue Reading →

#145 Youtube embeds win this week

Love the indie rock blase style of Cold Collective. A new US band to get your teeth into to counteract the prog-indie or whatever you want to call The 1975 and the like. California continues to spew out garage fuelled anthem acts - this time PARTYBABY returns. When someone shares a London <> Brisbane band... Continue Reading →

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