#143 There’s more to Canada than Drake

Canada’s music scene has really been getting some love lately in the big books, but for me it’s been bubbling up for the past 5 years or so. I’ve got a big love for the alternative rock scene coming out of the country too and Pup are still leading the pack with their latest:

The Fresh Prince ain’t the only classy thing to come out of Philly. Check out Don Giovanni’s latest release – Pinkwash

Some might call this noisenik, but I think this chaos (part electro, part rock) sounds pretty sweet. Meet Grim Brides

Speaking of the weird and unusual, Anchor Point records (Mura Masa bascially) has dropped the lastest release from bonzai. Quirky in a great way.

And you’ve all seen the H&M meets M.I.A project right?

And staying with the UK, we’ve got a modern day, female fronted grunge band who are bloody brilliant hailing from the West country – Skeleton Frames

There’s so much music kicking around at the moment, expect another new post shortly with a further update to the richness of the music scene,

Elise x


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