#142 Whilst some of us lucky people party at SXSW…

This time last year I was en route to Austin, Texas to attend my first SXSW music festival. It was an incredible experience and one that I hope to revisit again in my lifetime. But for now…I’ll rely on the power of the internet to bring the music to my life and look out for live opportunities to see artists later down the line.

The latest from Anohni has been plastered all across the internet over the past day or so. Anthony from Anthony & The Johnsons has made an incredibly current and moving song written from the viewpoint of a Syrian refugee…a child at that. That voice is beautiful, moving and once in a generation.

[yeah I know, Apple doesn’t like to embed in WordPress it seems…but it’s so so worth clicking].


Naked Giants are putting Seattle back on the map for all the right reasons; good music, good times. It takes a bit to get revved up, but it’s quality garage rocking here.

Shall we continue with a bit of hip shaking, rock n roll making? Weaves are offering a fresh take on garage punk with a Toronto spin.

And discovering Angry Angles takes me back to the first time I heard Nirvana. I’d discovered a brilliant artist posthumous and could have kicked myself for not realising many moons before when I could have caught them live. With Nirvana I would have had to have been a very cool primary school kid, but with Angry Angles I could have made it. I’m still delighted to have discovered them now anyway – their discography is perfect lo-fi scuzz!

E x

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