#141 End of an era

After 5 years of working with the BBC (BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 1Xtra) I’m spending my last few days with this brilliant team. I’ve had some incredible experiences, from producing events in North America, to supporting artists as they make their way to the main playlist and into the ears of millions of people around the world and entertained the British (and beyond!) public with my music programming and entertaining features with my DJs. From the end of March I’ll be joining Filtr UK (Sony Music UK’s playlisting brand) as their Playlist Programming & Curation Manager; incredibly exciting and focused on music which is exactly what I get out of bed for each day!

But that doesn’t mean this stream of posts with my random findings and flagposts from the musical world will stop. I would imagine if anything they’ll be more fruitier and fun than ever before.

Formed from the melding of members of The Blood Brothers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more, Head Wound City  is feral yet blues inspired with gang vocals that give it a punk menace.

For those of you missing the rock-pop of the likes of Paramore, then PVRIS are comfortably filling that void with their latest releases. “You and I” is perfect for teen rock fans who are still not convinced with the heavier stuff, but are far from your pop crowd. Great pop songs come in many forms, and the likes of PVRIS is very welcome in my eyes.

The latest Bleached single is spot on garage rock with a killer video to fit. On repeat for me.

If you do use the follow function on Soundcloud, why not check out my UK and international pick lists that are updated on an ongoing basis? You might find something you love…


Elise x


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