#139 Everyone in the UK has a cold…

…so everything I’m listening too has a slightly dubbed sound as I listen through catarrh-filled ears. Yummy I hear you comment. Well yeah, but whatever.

Stephen is to Californian what Matt Corby is to Australia. He’s made an incredible track that’ll attract fans of that artist through to state buddies The Neighbourhood.

Flume is trailing ahead to the release of his second album “Skin” this year with some bloody great stuff. The latest “Smoke and Retribution” is part Disclosure, part AlunaGeorge (thanks to the vocals of Kučka) but still very much Flume. It’s great to see the future of dance coming out of down under. EU/UK/USA has a lot to learn!

Ok, so back to something a little more standard for this blog, meet Pennsylvania’s Slingshot Dakota whose durgey grunge sound is perfect on their latest track “Paycheck”.

I feel like I’ve heard Milk Teeth before in life. This track “Brickwork” is exciting yet familiar. Fans of post-hardcore – particularly the current scene coming out of Ontario – will love this emerging artist.

A pretty sweet discovery courtesy of Australia’s Triple J here. Introducing Bad Pony with a great mix of indie, funk, pop and dashing of wonk (yes, this is a genre thing now).

I mean, technically this is the biggest FIDLAR handover you could ask for, but I’m enjoying the raw shaking-booty style garage rock style here on repeat. Meet Bad Kids.

Changing the style a little bit – Gnarls Barkley vocal fans need look no further – great soulful pop from straight out of Manchester. The home of northern soul is slowly finding a new badge of honour with the likes of JP Cooper and now Jordan Max coming out of this wonderful city.

And finishing up with London’s latest electronica offering from TRUCE – “Turn Of Time” is a ridiculously promising start for this new band.

Elise x


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