#138 ‘Mysterious’ bands and the rest…

When people try and talk to me about ‘mysterious’ new bands, it’s not usually long before they let it slip about the major lable or management backing. There is nothing wrong with that or course, but that sell is a little misleading eh? Whatever the story is with these guys, EAT are making fantastic garage indie rock.

Great new band out of Athens brought to my attention this week by the name of Night Knight – elements of Bombay Bicycle Club and more in this one…

Ty Segall doesn’t seem to have a pause button when it comes to writing new music – back with his new album Emotional Mugger just a matter of week after GØGGS premiered itself to the world.


Dreamwave-style plucked out chords from Manchester’s Easy Kill – thanks to My Little Empire for putting me onto this one.

Followed up by Nottingham’s Daudi Matsiko – a very gentle, but beautiful little number.

Rockaway’s Lewis Del Mar is back with a new Soundcloud offering just a couple of weeks before their first UK gig. Can’t wait to hear Malt Liquor (and the rest) live.

And changing up (as is tradition) for the last addition of this weeks post; Toronto’s Keys N Krates are back again with a new EP Midnight Mass– following on from the ballistic DnB track “Save Me’ featuring Katy B last year.

Elise x

#137 Scuzz-junky

Within just 11 days we’ve managed to source all this brilliant new music, then the next 12 months is set to be rather stonking.

Alternative rock in Canada is still going strong, with The Dirty Nil‘s latest single throwing down rock anthems meets punk spirit in one.

 Neighbourhood Youth are another new favourite out of Australia – Melbourne to be precise – who are making bright indie to bring us Northern Hemisphere folk into the brightness of the spring.

This next track is a wonderful outpouring of talent from a Leeds / Liverpool artist called Trudy who are making gorgeous blusey chill music that shows dexterity and utter talent from the start.

Toronto is on fire at the moment – check out new R&B dvsn with this soulful pop.

As a belated Christmas gift it seems Flume‘s next album is nearly with us 😀 !!!!! YES! Such an important artists in the global dance scene at the moment and this is sounding just as fresh, yet distinctly him, as ever.

Upbeat rock n roll in the modern time is what White Denim have always done with a A grade confidence that knocks them into the realm of cult legend. Don’t miss out on their return.

And catching up with the second round of acts announced for SXSW 2016 – here’s a few tip top selections that I’ve picked out for you to try. Starting with Bleached – no stranger to the world of blogs, but one to add to the list when you start compiling your schedule.

Any fans of grunge, Nirvana, 90’s alt. rock have to listen to Strange Wilds. This should be a law for anyone who claims grunge only had one or two champions – meet your 21st century icons building momentum with tunes like this.

Sticking with that post-grunge feel (and another nod to the crazy-good scene that’s building in Ontorio and beyond) meet Greys.

Indulging in a bit of pop-indie-rock, this is Audiodamn! who remind me of a dark New Politics fronted by an Adam Levine-esque singing style.

And wrapping up with a track that’s been on constant repeat since I first heard it. Thanks for SXSW for putting them on in March. Dead Gaze are killing this whole wonky indie rock sound with an anthem for the stoned and/or curious…or just scuzz-junkies like me.

Elise x