#124 Late night listening sesh

Eugene Quell shares his latest grunge-fest that is a delight to hear…

There’s something pretty special in whatever brew Kins are into it seems. I’m usually not a fan of anything prog or shoegaze, but even hints of this in their mix, this track is an incredible headphone moment.

Had super fun times seeing these guys live for the first time in a pub in East London and they were brill! Meat Wave are actually the first alt. rock Canadian band I’ve seen that capture my current favourite scene out of the country at the moment.

A band straight out of Kent (an English county that comes with a lot of fond memories associated with it) brings one pack of a punch with their music. No, not Slaves; meet Get Inuit.

Discovered a great UK based label via DIY who are home to a great new band to my ears, Simmer.

It’s early days for Age Champion – but aside from the sweet name, there early tracks are a great rock meets pop anthem.

For those of you who already following my writing and/or Indie Shuffle you might have already heard of The Brinks. An AUS singer meets USA producer with gorgeous results.

Leaving with some heavier rock this week from Silver Snakes – with a lot of rock it’s all about the mixing and mastering and this sounds great.

Elise x


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