#121 On it international/ UK

Now LA has traditionally been the breeding ground of both grunge rockers like those of FIDLAR or the electro-indie vibes of The Neighbourhood and co. With our first band Howbart W Fink we’re dealing with the the former; a fantastic offering of robot grunge rock with the chaos expected from a lack of pop conformity.

Rolo Tomassi have returned with their usual abrasive racket that is exactly what we love them for…

Noa May has a great story – a young Human Rights lawyer living in Tel Aviv, making music on the side that sounds like a splatter of Desert Sessions has made it’s way into her studio?! Fantastic.

Alessia Cara – the alt. pop (swiftly becoming) global star has released another youth hierarchy slater “Wild Things”. A beautiful track in it’s full production and stripped back-acoustic.

In the same way we were all kicking up about the likes of We Are Scientists last decade, someone’s back who’s putting their mark clearly on the indie scene and making perfect pop hybrids. Carvell is from the west of the UK and has made quite the smash with his first shared track.

Brighton is at it again – spewing out spot on talent. Blaenavon

Super trippy dance from Ticktockgoestheclock – it’s like ODESZA and the dopest hip-hop producers got in a room and cooked up something that’s brilliant.

ISLANDIS are another justification to why Triple J Unearthed is bloody brilliant and effective at capturing the AUS crop of the emerging music scene. Brand new and sharing their first tracks with these guys first. Sounds like an indie anthem to me…


If you like your rock shredding yet melodic try out Good Tiger. Vocal comparisons to The Mars Volta but still capturing the post-hardcore spirit of the UK current crew.

Glint is out of New York and making music that is an intriguing blend of electro indie with the essence of 90’s indie. Parts of me hear The Verve in this?! And I love it.

Elise x

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