#124 Late night listening sesh

Eugene Quell shares his latest grunge-fest that is a delight to hear... There's something pretty special in whatever brew Kins are into it seems. I'm usually not a fan of anything prog or shoegaze, but even hints of this in their mix, this track is an incredible headphone moment. Had super fun times seeing these... Continue Reading →

#123 A quick top up…

....before I take a short (but actually quite long for the music world) 3-day break from the internet to eat chocolate and turn all my alarm clocks off. The Gloomies are a proper catchy new garage rock act out of California. Not FIDLAR #2 may I add before you start forming opinions based on description... Continue Reading →

#122 More new, more returning…

Opening with an on point trap inspired weekend anthem from LA producers Vindata. The video dropped this week too. Great to hear some more brilliant grunge music coming out of┬áToronto. Dilly Dally are on a level with Vant and need to be shouted about! And speaking of Vant, a Londoner who was doing this style... Continue Reading →

#121 On it international/ UK

Now LA has traditionally been the breeding ground of both grunge rockers like those of FIDLAR or the electro-indie vibes of The Neighbourhood and co. With our first band Howbart W Fink we're dealing with the the former; a fantastic offering of robot grunge rock with the chaos expected from a lack of pop conformity.... Continue Reading →

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