#117 Cure The Itch

Sitting here prepping my next tattoo. Got the itch – gonna scratch it. Boombox themed. Someone suggested with my existing cassette tattoo that I’m trying to become ‘Soundwave’ the transformer. Ermm… :-/ No. Not really.

Anyway – starting this weeks summary with a hip-hop number which is not my personal norm. However, I have always thought that some of the most moving samples have been used in the hip-hop genre giving their potent lyrical content more power than any expressive spitting could ever do. $ ft. Donnie Trumpet is brilliant.

Leeds music doing what it does best in Menace Beach.

Introducing Move Orchestra whose work is mildly comparable to Thom Yorke’s solo ventures, but with more prog rock essence.

Sugarstand are another raw discovery through Triple J Unearthed who have some wonderfully wholesome rock on offer.


Boston-based post-grungers Spook The Herd have released something rather tasty via Seagreen Records…

Really unique take on indie coming from Forever in their latest track “Loose”. Great sound.

The Neighbourhood are back with their ‘old tape been played too many times’ production with “RIP 2 my youth’.

Elise x


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