#115 Ambitious is just the start

I’m having one of those weekends where (exactly like trying to comprehend the size of the universe or how small we are in the grand scheme of life) I’m realising the world has so much music we could listen for every second of every hour of our life and still never consume it all. Are we spoilt for choice or is it a sad thing?

Luckily I haven’t missed out on these. New Alice Glass – ex- Crystal Castles – hasn’t disappointed with her first solo piece. And is donating her income from this to a very worthy cause indeed.

Loving the grunge-fest that is Windhand. Returning with their suitably throwback sounds of “Two Urns”.

Fun new alt. rock from super confident and live show kings Vant. Caught them at the latest Dinosaur Pile-Up gig in London last week and we super impressed.

Empress Of is 110% the best track of the week. Having teased with some EP material a few years back Brooklyn-based musician Lorely Rodriguez is back with a debut full length album cued up. Catching her play for the first time this week in London and can’t wait 🙂

Love everything about new (urban) singer Alessia Cara. Gorgeous vocal and despite loving the original, found a sick refix kicking around from NY producer / DJ Lucian.

Major Lazer and MØ have done  a sweet job in covering Frank Oceans “Lost”.

Tourists are a wonderful indie rock act from Devon who are starting to gain traction in the mainstream UK scene.

If Sophie (“Bipp”) was a real thing I think it would transform into Liz with tracks like “When I Rule The World”. PC meets bubblegum pop.

Elise x


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