#114 The Musical Oracle

I’ve been working away producing this showcase for the Montreal Jazz Festival and this stage for T In the Park and just in a couple of weeks the world’s seemingly exploded with damn great music! It just shows what happens if you let your game slip for more than a day. The world of music is moving so fast you have to be on the pulse 24/7 to stay in it. I love that!

Beck‘s had this kicking around for a few weeks now but it’s great to hear him on top form yet again and defining himself as one of the key songwriters of our age.

Two years ago FIDLAR went and recorded a pretty awesome tune that came under the ‘shit we recorded in our bedroom’ file. Now they’ve remastered the beast and we’ve got an anthem for the underage, immature and down right fun loving rock fans.

Great new act bubbling up in the Humberside region is The Hubbards. Really catchy introduction to these guys if you’ve not heard them before: “Pin”.

Exciting new music coming out of London with Indigo Husk. Classic current indie sound from charismatic youngsters and fantastic live at my alt. rock gig House Of Savages last week.

Dublin rockers Only Rivals are due to release their debut album soon – great news when they’ve got tunes like this kicking around.

In the midst of what can only be interpreted as a feud between Wavves Nathan Williams and his record label he’s shared this gem with us online – a real outpouring of classic Williams rock n roll.

So surprised that this sound is British! Straight outta Sheffield is sweet sounding rock/ indie Long Limbs.

Could Colleen Green be the new cool chick on the block? She’s on a split release with Jeff The Brotherhood which is always a good sign. Rocking a killer tune here with “Hellraiser”.

Even if you don’t like the classic rock infused riffs of Turbowolf the imaginative video alone is worth listening through to their newest “Solid Gold” for.

Really love the new tune from Micachu & The Shapes. Oddities can sound beautiful.

And leaving you with Media Jeweler from OC, who have that math rock beat that only American’s seem to bring to light so wonderfully.

Elise x


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