#110 The power of music

Today could have been awful. I mean…for a short while it was. Then I put some headphones in and chilled. This track saved today from being a headache and a miserable evening. Beautiful future R&B from Nao really spun things around in my world as well as showing off how effortlessly brilliant she is.

Matt Stockl is a gem from Scottish Highlands. If you want to be sarcastic you might think he wears a kilt and plays the bagpipes. He does neither, but he does make brilliantly stripped back traditional indie tunes – beautifully DIY and wonderfully catchy.

JAWS are reliving their 90’s grunge youth in 2015. And they’re very welcome! Listen to this stuff. Fitting in there among the likes of Violent Soho (off of Australia) and bringing something more international into the UK music scene I can’t wait to catch these guys on tour / in festival season this year!

And signing off this week with some indie wave from Szymon. My body keeps telling me that it’s Friday – so I’m enjoying some Friday-vibe music like this.

Elise x


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