#109 Brighton Brighton Brighton

Reason #109395743678643920 why we love Brighton. People like this turn up on Soundcloud one day sounding so good already: Safe To Swim And from Brighton again – some math American alt. rock to ease you into the weekend from Flash Bang Band This track opened like a Weezer track – then we met Alicia who is the kind of frontwoman I’ve been looking for since Brody Dalle and Courtney Love stopped being around so much. Bully are female fronted grunge rock and their debut album is coming in June if you like the sound of this: Keeping some scuzz in our ears lets meet Birmingham’s (UK) most ridiculously named band yet – Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam.  This Montreal quartet offer non-traditional time signatures that just work. A beautifully atmospheric track that can loosely be linked to Death Cab For Cutie’s catalogue at points. No Joy’s “Moon In My Mouth” is quality.

Hot Cops are a sweet alt. rock band from Northern Ireland who have their sound knocked down to a T. Bringing something of a alt American feel to British indie they’ve drummed up a strong fanbase at home and are spreading their wings further afield. Can’t wait to see them at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich next month! Sydney’s Upskirts are just another example of how acts like Violent Soho have kept the grunge spirit alive in Australia unlike any other country. And leaving you today with the triumphant return of one of my favourite emerging musicians in the UK. Ben Sawin aka Gummy is also 1/4 of Mowbird – a fantastic band from Wrexham who featured in my Top 10 of 2012 – and he’s back as a solo artist. Elise x


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