#108 Old friends come back around

A band that I loved from the onset have come back together after a force hiatus due to bad health. Delighted to have Mowbird back and releasing new stuff! They had one of my favourite tracks of 2012 and now they’re back with another great one! The opening bars of the new Fake Palms track make me think of classic  Interpol. Love a leading bassline. There’s the ‘Muse’ types and the ‘Interpol’ type…either is cool, but sometimes the latter is more refreshing to hear in acts. This next track by Polographia is not only quite old now (but still sounding great), but a bit trippy. I always imagine that if those black and white swirly patterns made a song it would sound like that. It’s not bad 🙂 I’m not sure what’s more exciting…the fact Metz have a new track or the fact Sub-Pop still released brilliantly rad bands. A perfect bit of post-grunge reminding us exactly why Nirvana is still making the headliners 21 year later (for breaking one of the best styles of guitar music – arguably – ever). Roots Manuva and Four Tet. Singularly each would be a great proposition to listen to a new track, together, they take the floor. This is a beat. This is underground class. This is ace. And leaving you with brand new Mura Masa ft. Nao. Two emerging acts working together to make something that sounds bigger than Disclosure and AlunaGeorge doing battle. Elise x


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