#107 Embracing the nu-metal fan in me

Couldn’t be easier with the resurgence of brilliant Papa Roach material. Something’s that been on repeat since my return to the UK is their best offering for a while – “Falling Apart” – bringing everything back to the table that was so lost with collaborations and divergent music making from the kings of this genre. Bravo PR.

I am not surprised Meat Wave work with Brace Yourself PR – this is completely up my street and mine. Punk at it’s rawest, yet not completely demo form it’s hugely exciting to hear they’ll be coming to the UK next month 🙂

Oakland newcomer Day Wave comes in a slightly mellower form, but captures that surf rock indie excellence that the west coast just gets.

It’s good to hear New Jersey’s Woof likes long walks on the beach. I don’t mind them myself. Aside from this he also gives us some mildly chaotic, but spirited indie rock.

If you haven’t caught Spring King live touring with Courtney Barnett this month you have missed out. No worry – plenty of time to catch them this summer with their hectic schedule – they’ve given us a fresh dose of killer tunage to keep us scouting out the next opportunity to hear and see more.

And leaving you with a bit of Aussie indie rock from Hockey Dad – another example of how Aussie alt. guitar music is ruling the scene at the moment.

Elise x


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