#104 Who am I? What does it matter…

It’s like two weeks to SXSW Music Festival can I just say. The most exciting time in the music calendar for people like us. One of the ‘must’ see acts of the week has to be Spring King – they do everything FIDLAR do but with a more controlled, more charged style. I haven’t decided if I’ll be starting a mosh pit (if there isn’t one already), as I’m pretty sure my seniors will be watching my antics…although. It might be worth it if it encourages a few more peeps to loosen up!

Wyldest are a bit of a step down in tempo, but a great new dream pop trio from London. Female-lead, this is a great UK alternative to MS MR or Purity Ring. With a great producer behind the team and a stand-out first single this is one to look out on Soundcloud for.

Funky without the Mark Ronson effect – indie without the annoying teeny-bop pop aspect, Cruisr. A real heads up that summer is well and truly on it’s way.

What do we reckon of Air Bag One? New The 1975 with a bit more electro?

And a lovely new ditty from a great thoroughbred American rock band – Pet Symmetry. Anthemic chorus with a great rich melodic verse. Very much appreciated once in a while!

And leaving you with a dreamy beats number this week – Lapalux. Really good soundtrack to watch the world go by to.

Elise x

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